Nicole #arbonne30


“The picture on the left was when I was eating super healthy and doing more HIIT (high intensity interval training ) workouts and was 97lbs.
The picture on the right is when I started to lift heavy and I still ate clean just A LOT more food and I am now at 103.2lbs. 💪🏼
I did a 30 day challenge but this time I used the 30 days to GAIN weight. There are a lot of people out there who are like me and it is hard to gain weight and it’s even harder to gain GOOD weight. It took a lot of tweaking and talking to people in the personal training world but these past 30 days have been fantastic. I feel stronger, I see the changes I’ve worked hard for, and I’ve set new goals. I’m thankful I had the meal plans from the challenge to help me not to have to think about what I needed to eat and I had a support group keeping me focused. No matter if you need to lose or gain weight this challenge is amazing and easy to implement in your day.”